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Patrick Nijs

 – Ambassador and former Consul General in China for 20 years. Enjoy my expertise and network.

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I believe it is important to know the people you work with. Here it is a little bit about me :

Patrick NIJS

Patrick NIJS

Chairman - Founder

I have served as a senior diplomat in the position of Belgian Head Of Mission in Osaka, Shanghai and Hong Kong. I opted for early retirement when posted as Ambassador to China. As a former Director General of Consular Affairs, I have a special flair for handling international affairs in a practical way.

The choice of China is key. The most challenging issue of the forthcoming years and decades will be the integration of the world into China, and the integration of China into the world. Being positioned, therefore, in this pivotal place will inspire and be inspiring.

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Take a look at some of my client’s testimonials :

After many years of exploring the Chinese coastal region, many Western companies tend to believe that the China Dream is over. Luckily, through CEBCK, they are now offered the possibility to discover another interesting part of China : the province of Yunnan and the City of Kunming. Honorary Ambassador Patrick Nijs and his team are ready to help in this discovery process. Mr. Nijs comes with a broad set of wisdom and experience in the diplomatic, political, cultural and economic world. He also has the unique human intercultural talent to bridge different worlds. CEBCK under the leadership of Patrick Nijs is an indispensable partner for whoever wants to further discover and share in the success of this part of China.
Geert Roelens

Former CEO of « Beaulieu International Group », Author of «How successfull could you be in China ?»

When China opened its doors to Dragone Entertainment Group it was with a very specific goal: To create the most spectacular shows China and I had ever seen, but I was split between feelings of great pride and fear. Fear, predominantly because of my limited knowledge of this millenarian and fabulous culture, of its local business etiquette, of the proper alliances required and the necessary communication skills needed for success. One thing was for certain, I intended to dig deep into China and create a spectacle that would be intimately inspired by its profound culture. In this nascent and colossal endeavour, Patrick Nijs turned out to be a providential asset and a partner without equals; his inside knowledge of China and the Chinese people, their language and their culture made of Patrick a dream ambassador and interpreter. In contrast with most traditional ambassadors he conjures up a double complicity: on one hand with myself as his fellow citizen and on the other hand with our Chinese partners. Because of this, it is possible to build friendships which are a basic ingredients for success in China
Franco Dragone

Chairman Of Dragone Entertainment Group

EU-China Joint Innovation – A New Example of International Innovation Cooperation

Just 3 months ago, the 20th EU-CHINA Summit took place in Beijing and we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of the adoption of the EU-China Comprehensive Strategic Partnership.  For 2027, among the EU's trading partners, EU was the number one supplier of China and...


  CEBCK and U-Leap Education Group are launching a cross-cultural training program. Our approach is high standard and tailor-made. We will work with each client according to the 5 D methodology : Diagnose, Design, Develop, Deliver, Debrief.  EUROPATH is unique as...


 FUND-RAISING Do you need funds to start or expand a business with significant investment? Do you plan to appeal to outside investors as part of your fund-raising strategy? I can support your fund-raising efforts and communicate your message on to potential investors....

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