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A strategic adviser guides work, rather that executing it. Think of the position as someone who tells you what to do rather than doing it himself. Strategy is the creation of goals and how to get there, while tactics are the tools you use to do the job. My career as a strategic adviser is consulting in nature, requiring expert skills and knowledge to advise companies on what they need to do and how to do it.


We are a group of 4 people who wants to develop consultancy business in the long run with an emphasis on. We need first to fulfill the KPI’s assigned by DEQING in order to release a 4.200.000 budget.

In the long run we want to set up a steady basis to make a decent living for Cris, Charlie and Haixin. Patrick just need 1.000.000 RMB more to finish to build an ecological pond in Kabissa and build a pilot eco house in LaoZhuandi international vermaculture community.

We can use the existing company in Lingang as a start and will adapt our institutional framework gradually along the progress we make.

TechEcoEdge is our fundamental commitment when it comes to make money. We will be transparent with each oner on the o nerousiness we would make oy ourownh Charlie will be in the lead under the chairmanship of PN.

Haixin will team up with Charlie to meet the KPI’s assigned by this vodro. There will be a monthly board meeting for a start. Cris is in charge of DECC and comes here as an adviser. TEE will have to stand next to the developments of DeCC in order to catch all possible business generated by DECC’s activities

For historical reasons we are close to EUCJIC. I shall liaise with them intarrsestare.



Patrick Nijs’s 20 YEARS’ experience of diplomatic missions gives our customers the benefit of a sizeable support network for their relations with both public and diplomatic authorities.



Do you need funds to start or expand a business with significant investment? Do you plan to appeal to outside investors as part of your fund-raising strategy?

I can support your fund-raising efforts and communicate your message on to potential investors. Benefit from my extensive network to find quality investors quickly and easily.