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Ambassador and former General Consul  – I am offering my expertise and network. Access to the interpersonal and diplomatic skills of the founder facilitates and accelerates the interests of all our customers. From strategic advising to fundraising, lobbying or cross-cultural management, I support you in all your efforts to achieve stress-free implementation in China.

Placing the customer at the heart of my approach, each project is unique and comprises a mission to tailor individual approaches to whatever challenges may exist. All methodologies are adapted to each customer to best meet their expectations.



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From 2013 to Nowadays

Adviser and assistant Beaulieu International GroupDragone Entertainment GroupSenior Assist International, Media Participations, Vlerick Business School, China Europe Friendly Chamber of Commerce, U-Leap education, Air Time Magazine, the City of Dujiangyan, Rubber valley in Qingdao.

  Newly appointed non-executive director of Nagelmackers bank in Belgium owned by Anbang Insurance Group.

 Co-founder of EUCJIC, a non profit platform to hatch joint innovative projects between the EU and China based on integrity and ethics and leading to true win-wins



I believe it is important to know the people you work with. Here it is a little bit about me :

Patrick NIJS

Patrick NIJS

Chairman - Founder

Ambassador and former General Consul in China for 20 years.

I have served as a senior diplomat in the position of Belgian Head Of Mission in Osaka, Shanghai and Hong Kong. I opted for early retirement when posted as Ambassador to China. As a former Director General of Consular Affairs, I have a special flair for handling international affairs in a practical way. 

The choice of China is key. The most challenging issue of the forthcoming years and decades will be the integration of the world into China, and the integration of China into the world. Being positioned, therefore, in this pivotal place will inspire and be inspiring.