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Chris Zhang

Chris Zhang

Senior Consultant. 

Graduated from the Tongji University in Civil Engineering, Chris Zhang has since then been engaged in Engineering, Cultural and Communication companies as engineer and CEO. based on the sharing of common values, he is now pairing with Patrick Nijs to develop a consultancy business.


It is difficult to begin a discussion on cultural adjustment without first defining the word “culture” and what makes culture. We often define culture as “the arts, beliefs, customs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought created by a people or group at a particular time.”

China is known as a fast growing country with a very strong and traditional culture. One of the major contributors to unease in a new situation is communication difference. Each individual will bring his or her own communication habits, both verbal and nonverbal, that sometimes do not transcend cultural limits.

Studies of intercultural communication have shown that the amount of time and energy needed for simple communication increases as cultural differences increase.

Haixin Diao

Haixin Diao

With over 20 years of experience as an international citizen with a multicultural background, She has served as a project assistant/manager in both China and across European Union countries. Her roles involved organizing, developing, and managing events, conferences, and projects of various kinds and sizes, initiating them from the ground up and liaising with numerous high-profile local and international companies, as well as government agencies within the Hospitality, Consulting, and Finance industries.


The breakthrough in AI technology has sparked a plethora of new business considerations. How to approach this epochal challenge with a mindset of starting from scratch? 

With the implementation from the Net-Zero Industry Act by 2030 in EU, what are still the opportunities between China and EU? 

It seems like a lot of questions and problems, in Chinese philosophy, it means full of opportunities. 

Throughout history, humanity, as long as we maintain sufficient reverence for nature, possesses the determination to return to basics and explore all possibilities. Grounded in the philosophy of prioritizing the heart and practicing with trust as our foundation, the similarities between China and Europe abound. We look forward to meeting those who, like us, are full of anticipation for the world, to break the gaps and reestablish the relationship based on transparency, predictability, and reciprocity. 

Charlie Luo

Charlie Luo

A Belgian born Chinese, graduated from Fudan University and China Europe International Business School. He has worked in business management and marketing fields for Fortune 500 companies and international professional institutions.


The opportunities for business cooperation between China and Europe encompass not only green energy and environmental technologies, digital economy and technological innovation, infrastructure development, growth in trade and investment, as well as education and cultural exchange but also extend to sustainable development and social responsibility projects. These areas of cooperation showcase the shared interests of both sides in promoting economic growth, technological advancement, and societal development, providing a broad platform for deepening cooperation and exploring new models of collaboration. Through these diverse areas of cooperation, China and Europe can not only strengthen mutual economic and technological benefits but also foster cultural exchanges and understanding among their peoples, jointly addressing global challenges.

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