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I am committed of working hard to distinguish itself from its rivals and to serve its customers in accordance with the following principles:

The customer is still king

I consider it my duty use our full arsenal of technical and professional experience, our exemplary knowledge of the China and Europe and our network of partners in both regions to serve our clients with the utmost efficiency. I am only satisfied when my customers ar 200% satisfied with our services.

Effectiveness and promptness is of the essence

efficiency and speed are the tools of success for any competitive business. It is why I take these two key words very seriously.

The will and promise to deliver

the trust put in us by my clients implies, the need to fulfill all my commitments to them.

Respect for humanity and the environment

I am convinced that the future of our planet is essential. In terms of human integrity and respect for ecology, I want to act for a better world. I am sensitive to and respectful of cultures, laws and the environment of the countries in which I live and work. I take extremely seriously the confidentiality of the information given by my partners and customers. And I require them to respect these principles as well.


Much more than a service, CLEANTECH is the cornerstone of all our action. Just as I value RESPECT and HUMANINTEGRITY, I have committed ourselves to promoting an eco-friendly world, because we only have this one planet to pass on to future generations. Ecological innovations, waste recycling, production of green energy… the opportunities are wide and we are still at the beginning.  Based on this conviction, a couple of years ago, I have acquired a farming compound in Yuanzicun, about 100 kms away from Kunming, deep in the Chinese countryside.


This farm represents the foundations of a comprehensive life project.  Beyond giving a chance to the local labour workforce to work on innovative technologies, I intend this green space to become a true haven for rest, a place to share and to go back to the basics, for visitors from all over the world. The scope of what still has to be done is vast, but so is the potential: we are looking for partners who would like to team up.  I own two hectares of land and I invite all green companies to take advantage of this green and unspoilt environment to test and display their products and services, while participating in the construction of a slightly better world.